Debra Savoy Renowned Canadian Spiritual Medium

Debra is a 3rd generation Canadian Spiritual Medium and a 6th generation Energy Healer.

Debra has clients all over the world from Canada to U.S. and as far as Europe. There’s no difference in person or virtually when connecting to Spirit, as we are all infinite energy.

She brings awareness and understanding by connecting the energies of mind, body and spirit to one’s past, present and future. Debra’s guidance brings love, light and the path to healing.

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Connect with her for private Readings, Group Readings and Speaking Engagements on the topic of Mental Health and Energy.

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Debra’s life work is to bring awareness in connecting mind, body and spirit. To facilitate the importance of balance and that one cannot consist without the other. That the world as we know it is increasingly becoming a place of enlightenment like never before, which means our mental and physical existence is becoming far more difficult to maintain.

What brings people to Debra? She uses her Mediumship abilities to see past, present and future giving healing, guidance and awareness. Helping alleviate sadness and shedding light on how to handle life’s traumas,hardships, loses and bringing clarity to life’s decisions.

“We are Devine Humans, capable of feeling and experiencing way more than ever before. This awareness leads to an increase in Empaths and Sensitives, which has lead us to an epidemic of mental health issues like never before. People are unable to ground themselves in this reality and confuse their feelings with with the energy around them. My want is to bring understanding and the skills to help us navigate this incredible Universal shift. This magnificent planet needs us to become awake to assist in the maintaining of our journey here.”

Connecting with your higher self, and loved ones is the most healing gift you could ever receive. Giving peace of mind, validation and contributing to our overall well-being, makes us feel more grounded and quiet in our soul.

Love and light,